Monday, May 8, 2017

a poetry reading at the spring township library during april: national poetry month.

at the end of april, celebrating national poetry month, i visited a book club with a great name at the spring township library: novels at night. i love the alliterative lure of the name and how it's literally accurate for when the book club meets, in evenings.

the reading quickly became very conversation-rich, as the library's operations & circulation coordinator, kristine bonfitto, ordered in copies of my first and second volumes from other berks county libraries for book club members to have in advance so they'd have familiarity with the poems ahead of time. she also assisted kindly with photography during the reading.

and one member brought along pieces of history from a hosiery mill which her father owned in oley during her younger years. she even had samples of stockings and the small envelopes which would have held the pay of workers. and even a photograph of her father in the long gone mill joined her pile of artifacts which we loved seeing and passing around the table. everything lasted so nicely and had been maintained with great care, too.

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