Monday, April 24, 2017

a poetry reading at berks history center during april: national poetry month.

berks history center hosted a poetry reading for this project in april as national poetry month. ed jastrzembski tested out his second round of being a special guest now since 2016 in sharing his memories about working at reading [truck] bodies and cartech before retiring. his wife, joan, also joined him again, since his jobs were such a big part of their family life's impacts.

my former french teacher from junior high joined the audience, and one particular point which she made served well to be said: that she once had a teachers' meeting maybe 10 or 20 years ago, where someone said most of our students as adults are going to have maybe 7 or so jobs in their lifetime, across different careers. and that's very different compared to some decades in our culture where people stayed in a single job for long stretches of time, and this was the case for ed, too. yet i realized i hadn't thought about that point in a while, and i've had more than 7 kinds of jobs, but some overlap. it says a lot about the need to be adaptable in surviving the economic landscape of life today.

and thank to alexis campbell of berks history center's staff for helping with the eye-scenes below.

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