Monday, April 24, 2017

firefly bookstore's author pavilion at kutztown's annual block party.

yesterday, an annual block party in kutztown kept the streets in a good blur of people appreciating bubbles blowing in the air, free haircuts for kids, cotton candy, and plenty more. my favorite part involved a fellow playing johnny cash songs, and he even dressed the part. i am not positive but suspect from some light googling that a man named terry lee goffee may be this performer.

firefly bookstore, which recently relocated to a bigger shop (and it's gorgeously done, to boot) had a local authors' table with several rounds of us there throughout the afternoon. and they took care of us authors so well. we're lucky to have them in berks county.

i also left out and gave away copies of the key's spring 2017 issue, too, to let people know about the community poetry one picture at a time feature which i do, in hopes that we may have a few takers for the opportunity of the next prompt.

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