Monday, April 24, 2017

a poetry reading at reading area community college during april: national poetry month.

in early april, i juggled conversations about the old world of berks county and our newer one with students at reading area community college. in a small group, we talked about the differences sometimes seen between those who were young and working decades ago and what they're like today with their personalities, values, and story-sharing, and then the difference of how young people live and labor today but also what they're like interacting with the people around them. it took on the shape of blending good and bad, much like light and dark in life's conversations. and it felt refreshing to notice students being aware of paying attention to the ways of people around them in our world today. communication and how we get along together is so much a part of how this or that pans out. taking the time to understand each other is everything.

zoe hudzik, who assisted with photography for this reading, so she isn't in the eye-scenes, unfortunately, shared how she loves hearing her grandparents' stories as well as just the way they put their thoughts out into the open, and she also feels similarly about seniors she worked with in the past at the highlands. her grandmother also used to work at narrow fabric in west reading, so there's a bit of hope that this woman in her 80s might be willing to be a poem-source for the third and final book in this project. we'll see.

and then we had a semi-official pizza-eating contest, which i won, totaling 5 slices devoured, with some crusts avoided only to eat more slices. a few of us remained for this savvy event.

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